Friday, August 8, 2008

Weight Watchers

OK OK OK...It is no secret that I need to lose weight. I have promised my Mom, myself and JULIE that I was going to join weight watchers for a few months now. I have said that I would start working out "next week" for 52 weeks now. It is time to bite the bullet and just freakin DO IT! I have so many excuses and reasons why I can't, so I thought if I post this out in the Universe, I would have too many people to answer to. So, here we can hold me to it! I am leaving town for Post this Monday and will be back in one week. I will join weight watchers the week that I return. I expect you all (as my friends) to stay on my fat ass and push me through. I may cuss you, but it will be out of love!


Julie said...

I am always there for you. It is a hard journey, but I am glad I am on it.

jodi said...

I am holding you to that comment sista!! You have been spending all of your time dedicated to others, which is what makes you a good person and a wonderful mom, BUT you deserve to invest a little time and energy into yourself!! You can do it and I am here to support you!!