Monday, August 4, 2008

Story on my Parents

Most of you know the story, but some may we go.

On Easter Weekend, my parents, my kids and I all went to Post to visit my grandma. Easter is a big holiday with my family and our cousins from Colorado come every year. We arrived on Friday night and Saturday morning at 6:30, I woke up and heard a weird noise. After I got up to check what was going on, I found MaMa sitting on the side of her bed...she had had a stroke. Immediately, our families world was turned upside down. Thank God, the stroke didn't permanently effect her physically! The main trouble was and is her speech. She was, of course, in the hospital for quite some time and then sent to Rehab. Mom stayed there and took care of MaMa.

Mom being gone for all that time was really hard on me. I am used to seeing her EVERY day! Dad was obviously back in Amarillo all this time back at work. On May 1st, Mom called me about 2:30 and said, "get over to the house...Dad's been fired!" When I walked in the door, I was just sick! No one wants to see their daddy that upset. I put him on the road to be with Mom and so he could get all of his thoughts together. He had been with this company for 19 years and 10 months. He will turn 65 in November! Nice combination, don't ya think?

I had NO idea that after Easter weekend, Mom would never come home. I sure didn't know that when I put Dad on the road on May 1st, he wouldn't be coming back. Decisions had to be made and the obvious choice was for my parents to relocate to Post to continue taking care of MaMa.

Thankfully, Joe and I were able to buy Mom and Dad's house and they have moved in with MaMa. I know that God had his hands in the whole situation and things are the way they are meant to be, but if I am honest with myself...this has been one of the hardest things that I have ever been through. Selfishly, I want my Mom and Dad living 2 minutes away. I know that they are not too far to visit, but let's be honest! Have you seen the schedule my kids have?

The kids and I are going to go spend one more week in Post before school starts. Realistically, we probably won't be able to go back and visit again until Thanksgiving.

I have always heard that God never gives you more than you can handle. With everything that I have been through in the last 3 years, God must think A LOT of me!

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